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October 11, 2011

Transmode EXPRESS /Lisbon Fashion Week Exhibition

                                                        Special Thanks

                                                        Pedro Matos Photography

The Draft Mag, in partnership with Lisbon Fashion Week "Moda Lisboa", and in collaboration with the Fashion Editor João Ribeiro,presented the exhibition TRANSMODE  EXPRESS .

With the celebration of 20 years of Lisbon Fashion Week, João Ribeiro invited five acclaimed portuguese fashion photographers and collaborated with portuguese fashion designers.

Always fascinated by the diversity of gender and androgyny,that always had an important part of his life style,
João Ribeiro, tried to make a summary of aesthetic references that always accompanied him and were present in his work and his life.

In the first and second images above Joao Ribeiro poses and styles for the capturing of  Pedro Matos

the exhibition at

Joao Ribeiro works at_